Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Katie's Cast Change: Update

Katie's cast change went way better than expected!! Everything went so smoothly. We arrived at 6:00 am, got checked in and waited to be called. It wasn't long before we got called back and they started to prep Katie. She did good for the first ten minutes and then started to get fussy. She was hungry and tired, but she couldn't eat till her surgery was over. The nurses were really nice and kind, and made sure that she was comfortable. They gave her the 'giggle juice,' and the nurse actually carried her back to surgery in her arms, instead of on the gurney/bed. The cast change went really quickly, her x-rays look good, and I was able to go back to her by 9 am or so. She was sleeping and took a bit to wake up. She did throw up a few times from the anesthesia but after they were sure she was done, they took her IV out and let us go home! At 10:30 am!! I was so pleasantly surprised that we were out of there that early. I was expecting an all day thing. We went and picked up James, who did great at Trish's house. (Thanks!!) Although Katie was not her chipper little self, she did a lot better this time around. I wonder if she didn't have as much anesthesia this time. She was actually pulling herself around and pretty happy yesterday. She only woke up twice, which is more general cast related I think, then from getting the new cast. So, all in all, I am very grateful for how the day went. Thank you all for your prayers.

Oh, and I almost forgot! The doctor said it is OK for Katie to pull herself up to stand! I am so happy I can let her do this now!!! I'll try to post pictures soon of her new purple cast.

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