Monday, January 28, 2008

Crazy Days

Does life ever slow down? I am beginning to think not. I feel like a clay pot on the wheel that's about ready to fly off and splat on the wall. How's that for a nice mental picture? This weekend was crazy and I am very glad its Monday! The following paragraph is basically just me venting, so feel free to skip over the whole thing. Its really pretty unimportant to the general public.

Saturday I went out in the morning to take pictures with my friend. That involved dropping Katie off at Mom's. Then, I picked up Jeff and James and we went back to Mom's to hang out and see Rach. After that, we took James home for a nap, packed everyone up again and headed to Noah and Amanda's party. We stayed for dinner, came home and got the kids to bed. The next morning, we woke up and headed off to church. When we got home at 12:40, we got a call that we had a 1:00 appointment to see a few houses. Oi! We packed everyone back up and headed out to look at the houses. The first one, as Dad used to say: N-O-U-P-X. What does that mean, anyway, Dad? We looked at the completely original kitchen, complete with pink enamel oven, and the beer girl posters hanging up and the smoke hanging in the air and walked out. It was a dump. The next one we were not optimistic about at all, but it turns out it was a lot better than we thought and we have an appointment tonight to make an offer on it. So, if that works, we have to pack up, do some projects around here, find a renter, do some projects around that house, and move in. Simple, right? Did I mention Jeff is in school two nights a week and our life is crazy already!? This is the reason I had a bout of insomnia last night. So, on top of all that, we had small group last night. In lieu of Bible study, we headed over to our friends Ryan and Ashely to help them get their house ready to sell. It was fun, but made for a reallllllllllly long day. As they used to say on the Car Wash commercials in Grand Junction, "And now I'm tired!"

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