Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hello? Hello? Can anyone here me?

A Tale from the Franch

I never knew when we would be called into action when I stayed at my friend Meg’s house. They had cattle, and their cows had a penchant for escaping. It didn’t matter what time of day or night, they would get out. That means we’d have to chase them back in. Whoever was around got roped into wrangling the wayward bovines. I can truthfully say I have chased cows in my pajamas. One afternoon, Meg’s dad came in and told us the cows were loose. We all pulled on our shoes and got prepared to head out. I took a brief stop at the bathroom, not knowing how long it would take. I did my thing and went to go out and join everyone. There was only one problem. I was stuck. Trapped. Entombed in the bathroom of a trailer. The door wouldn’t budge an inch. Try as I might, the door was stuck. I yelled, but no one heard. It wasn’t until several minutes later when they realized I disappeared that someone came looking for me. Meg’s dad successfully un-jammed the door to free me. Then we all jumped on our Japanese quarter-horses and headed off into the sunset.

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