Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Say What?!

James has taken it upon himself today to make me laugh/cringe/shake my head with his antics.

Exhibit A: He came to me earlier with a pair of my scrapbooking scissors, trying to cut his hair, saying 'Cut...hair.'

Exhibit B: He crammed himself into the excersaucer which is Katie-sized, and was dancing to the radio. "Shake Your Bootie" was blasting on the oldies station (yes, Rach, the station you say I always play) and James was shouting loudly, "Shake your boobies!" Now, he DID NOT, I REPEAT, DID NOT learn that from me. Jeff?? Maybe. Actually, he was just trying to pronounce bootie, and it sure came out pretty funny.

Exhibit C: James latest favorite Veggie T@les is Jonah. In one part, the veggies keep saying "Nada, zip, zilch, NAAAAAAAAAAA-DA." James has picked up on the "NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" part and was shouting it out around the house this morning.

All this, and its only 1:00.

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