Friday, January 18, 2008


We had a serious crisis last night. A major meltdown. The END of the world! Or at least that's what James thought. We went to the library where we checked out a Curious George book. Although we hardly ever watch the show, George is a celebrity around here. James had a hard time parting with the book even long enough to have the librarian scan it. We should have known then and there how fiercely protective James would be with his newly borrowed book. Last night, we had finished our nighttime routine and I was ready to take James to bed. He wanted to take 'chu-George' with him. Due to his past history of shredding books when he takes them to bed, and the fact that it was a library book, we told him George would have to stay downstairs. You would think we told him he had to move out of the house and get a job. He lost it. He cried, screamed, stuck his bottom lip out and wailed big tears of sorrow. He might have even gnashed his teeth, whatever that means. It was really so dramatic it was funny. But I tried not to laugh, because he was heartbroken. After many hugs and reassurances that George would be there in the morning, he finally grudgingly let me take him to bed. He blew kisses to George and put him to 'bed' on the bench. As soon as he got up this morning, he retrieved the book and we read it five or six times back to back. And then a few times more. I think its time to try and find a 'chu-George' book of our own. The one from the library is going to fall apart by the time we have to bring it back.

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Jules said...

That is so funny. Jacob loves Curious George too. He got a few Georgie ( that's what he calls him ) toys for Christmas and one had a little advertisement for other toys in it. There's a tickle and giggle Curious george. Everyday Jacob tells me he wants "tickle georgie" for his birthday. I thought he was too young to be able to tell me what he wants for his birthday. Anyway, apparently this toy is not being made anymore and is very hard to find. It was originally a $20 toy. Amazon has it for $70 and they are one of the few places to carry it. I did find it cheaper somewhere online....I just haven't gotten a shipping confirmation so I'm getting concerned that we got scammed. We'll see. Anyway...sorry to ramble.