Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fashion Dilemmas

The entire scope of my fashion knowledge could probably be written on a grain of rice. I know nothing. Everything I do know I learned from my sister. Recently, I have been considering heading down the tights-wearing road, only because I have a few cute skirts to wear but I don't want to wear pantyhose. Not being familiar with the ethics of tights-wearing, I first consulted with my Mom, since she is a tights-wearer herself. She informed me that tights are 'in' and that I can wear black or brown, and that I can wear brown shoes with black tights. Now, who am I to argue? I don't really know what is acceptable. BUT! I knew that Rachel would not agree with the brown shoe business. I have asked/begged her before to say it was OK to wear my cute brown shoes with a black skirt or pants, but she has always told me it was a big fat NO. So, to cover all my fashion bases, I checked with Rach. Sure enough, she said NO! So now I am more confused than ever. I have a cute pair of brown leather shoes, which apparently don't go with anything. But I don't want to be a colossal dork. That's why I asked my fashion consultants to begin with. By the time I solve this dilemma it will be spring and I won't need tights or pantyhose.

And with a mother like me, its no wonder that James has such a distinctive sense of fashion:

On a side note, look what I accomplished yesterday! I finished a pair of Jammies for each kid. My next crafty venture is to make a sandcastle cake with a chocolate train for Noah and Amanda's birthday.

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