Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mi Vida Loca

Never knew I spoke such marvelous Spanish, huh?

My life is crazy. Every time I think it may slow down...well, it doesn't. I think I might have thirty whole seconds to hear myself think, and instead I hear my daughter having an explosive poop session. Or my son saying 'pee, peez?' I am drowning in poop here, people! Among other things, like laundry, dishes, small tractors, Cars underwear, etc. This is actually my normal day-to-day stuff. And I like it. I love it. Its fun and crazy and tiring all at once. But to add to all the chaos that is my life, we are in the market for another house. We want to buy a second house and rent this one out. We have a house in mind, which we want to make an offer on, but things keep getting more and more complicated. Of course, before we knew about all the complications, we put an ad in the paper to rent out our house. So now, on top of figuring out what we are going to do with ourselves regarding said house, we have people calling here about renting our house. Problem is, its not looking so good on the other front, and we don't want to be stuck on the streets. We also don't want to turn down potential renters, either, in case this whole crazy thing works out. There are way more details involved, which I will spare you. Just know that it is complicated stuff here. Enough to make my head explode. And on top of that whole crazy mess, Jeff is starting school in two weeks, beginning with Chemistry! He has stepped back at church, which will make a big difference in the amount of time commitments he has. Now he will be gone two nights a week for school. Although it is a big commitment for both of us, I am glad he is able to go back. In the long run it will be very beneficial for him. See why our life is so crazy?!

I think my laundry pile is calling me; its a lot less complicated.

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