Monday, January 07, 2008

This is totally random, but...

1. Thanks to Dad, James' new pastime is building towers out of his Legos.
2. Katie has now rolled over a couple times. She can't really do it on purpose, but she's getting closer to gaining some mobility.
3. Jeff got into his Chemistry class and the lab: that's a good thing, I think. It's going to be an adjustment having him gone two nights a week.
4. James is doing good with potty training. He picked out some fancy-schmancy big boy undies and is doing really good. Except that he sneaks off and finds himself a quiet place to do his #2 biz-ness. That leads to some fun times.
5. Congrats to our friends, Scott and Merry Jo, who had their baby girl, Emma Jo!
6. Did you know that the measurements you sometimes see on door jambs in businesses are there to help in the case of a robbery? It allows the police to approximate the height of the perpetrator using the measurements on the video surveillance video. Thanks, Jeff, for enlightening me.

See, I told you that was going to be random!!

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