Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I Really Need To Post More Often

This post is filled with the various shenanigans of the last few days, but first!! FIRST!!!! We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to make an announcement:

My Dad is officially a Doctor as of today. He reminded me that it is an Doctorate of Education, not a Ph.D., but whatever! He got his doctorate after 8 years of hard work. Yay, Dad!!!!!! I don't care what the rest of the family says about're alright! ;)

Now that I got that off my chest, let's move on, shall we? Halloween. I gave up. No one was cooperating with my whole 'themed costume' idea. It won't come to a shock to you that James dressed up as a farmer. How is that different then any other day, you ask? It isn't. He just threw on his farmer gear, loaded up the stick horse and he was good to go. I do have to say that, yes, his pants are way too short. Time to start cruising ebay for some new Wranglers for him. Katie was a princess, and finally wore the dress I slaved away over for the first time. Tyler was a gorilla, for no other reason than we already had the costume. It has now been through a few cousins, James, and Tyler. We took them to a few houses to go trick-or-treating, and Jeff and I have been late night beneficiaries of their gleanings. We prefer to call it 'quality sampling.'

Over the weekend Jeff cleaned out his 'treasures' from the garage. He came in, with a somewhat sheepish look on his face, and said 'You're never going to believe this!' I gave him a worried look. He said 'I found a fourth lawn mower I didn't even know I had!' Yes, because we all need four lawnmowers in our lives. I **thought***that he would get rid of a few while he was cleaning out, but no, he found a spot for all four of them in the shed. Each lawnmower, Jeff informed me, is a strange amalgamation of the next. A severe case of lawnmower inbreeding, if you will. Every time one breaks, he swipes a part off another. One of these lawnmowers actually caught on fire two summers ago, but of course, he got it running again. This is all part of Jeff's solemn vow never to pay money for a lawnmower. He's weird. What can I say?? :)

Enough for now. I'll post the rest tomorrow since this is getting rather cumbersome. Enjoy your day!

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mcwigginseses said...

You know, there's a lawnmower repair shop on Orchard Mesa that looks like that :)