Thursday, November 04, 2010

Peanut Butter and Spiders

Katie is a fan of peanut butter. She gets it from me. Jeff doesn't like to eat it because, and I quote, it "makes him thirsty." Katie asks for peanut butter on everything. Our conversation will go something like this: "Katie, you can have a burrito, or some soup. What would you like?" "Um, I'll have a burrito....wif peanut buttair." "Cereal, wif peanut buttair." "Apple swices, wif peanut buttair!" That's my girl!

James has come up with a new game, which he finds to be most hysterical. He will play as many rounds of it as I will cooperate. It goes like this: "Mommy! Mommy, you have a spider in your nose!!!!" I pretend to freak out and swat the spider from my nose. He dissolves in a fit of giggles. Then he composes himself, and says "Mommy!!! You have a spider in your pants!" I repeat the routine, which never ceases to amuse him. This continues over and over until I finally get tired of swatting imaginary spiders from various appendages.

And on a random side note, yesterday was art lesson day. It is so much fun to have these, and the kids seem to enjoy it. Yesterday we learned about texture, and I promised them I would take pictures of their creations. Amanda did not like the idea that she couldn't keep each and every creation that she made with her play dough. I kept trying to explain to her that I didn't have enough play dough for that. (I already made a quadruple batch!) She was happy when I told her I would take pictures of each thing she made. Tyler will only sit in his chair for so long before he revolts. For some reason, every week, he insists on climbing on to Noah's chair, over and over. Noah is a good sport about it. Usually about 30-45 minutes into it James and Noah start getting antsy to go out and wrestle and run around. They got to play in our leaf pile yesterday and they stuffed James' clothes full of leaves so he could be a scarecrow. It was pretty funny.

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