Friday, October 29, 2010


Katie has her very own distinct 'accent'. Here are some of my favorite 'Katie-isms':

  • Nev-air, ev-air! (never, ever)
  • Dye-pair (diaper)
  • Ty-where (Tyler)
  • My Sistair (James...she can't get it into her head that he is a brother)
  • Daddy's Cowberry hat (cowboy hat)
  • Root Beard
  • Pajammies
  • Supair Dupair (super duper)
  • I'll show you no comprendo!
  • Ho-wee Mack-well! (holy mackerel)
  • You wass-i-cull (rascal)
This morning Katie and James were playing under James' bed. I've been wondering how long it would take them to discover that they fit under there. They were pretending to tuck each other in, and praying with each other. Katie thanked God for the 'suspicious sunshine.' I think she had the word 'suspicious' floating around in her head and figured then was as good a time as any to implement it. :) She also thanked Him for the 'pink slide that we never play on.' Incidentally, they play on that slide all the time.

Yesterday we were at the store and Katie said quite indignantly, "Mom!! James just called me a skidiot!!!" James is getting clever in trying to get around the rules these days. He knows he can't say 'idiot' so he just adds a few letters thinking that that will be OK. He also tries to get away with saying things like 'fard,' and 'button'. However, I think Grandpa Cheyney would be happy to know that James has taken to calling Tyler a little turkey whenever he is being mischievous. :)

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