Monday, November 08, 2010

There's A First Time For Everything

Yes, we showed up at church an hour early yesterday. I always loved sitting at the kitchen window as kid, watching to see who would show up early at Daylight Savings time. (Pastor's kids have demented senses of humor, or maybe it just runs in the family) Anyway, I was blissfully ignorant of the time change, and Jeff assumed that his fancy-schmancy Blackberry would change the time (he uses it for his alarm). However, the fancy-schmancy Blackberry decided to run out of batteries overnight, and neither one of us thought twice about it. When we got to church the parking lot was deserted and we realized our error. Darn! We could have used that extra hour of sleep.


DayPhoto said...

Daylight savingstime sure has that effect!


Phillip and Rachel said...

YES!!! We've done that before but just an hour late :)