Friday, November 12, 2010


Its a beautiful fall day today. I really feel like sitting out in the sun and reading a book. But, alas, here I am inside with things to do. Without further ado, here are a few pictures from the week.

Here are the kids working on their leaf turkeys. It turns out that the boys are a little bit distracted when it comes to art lessons, because all they can think about is PLAY! WRESTLE! RUN!! James was mostly cooperative and Noah had to be enthusiastically encouraged (does that sound better than 'forced'? ;) Emma has officially earned herself the title of Glue Stick Destroyer. And Amanda, being the star pupil, produced not one, but two splendid looking turkeys.

Every few weeks we go and visit the animals at the farm. I am in love with the chickens, especially the one pictured below. I really want one like that, but I have heard that those kind require extra care due to the spectacular feathered fro they have. As soon as the snow flies, or maybe sooner, I will start solidifying my plans for chicken ownership.

And in case you need a little deliciousness on your Friday, check out Tyler after he happily plowed through the chocolate bar our neighbor gave him after James saved the day. Ain't he cute?!

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