Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rude Awakening

Sometime during the middle of the night, I was brought out of a deep sleep by blood-curdling, but very muffled screams. As my brain pulled itself out of sleep-fog, I quickly determined that a) it was James, b) it was very muffled (strange...) and c) something must be really wrong. I freaked out, jumped up out of bed and ran up the stairs, not sure of what was going on. I couldn't see him at first, but he was still screaming, still muffled. Then I saw his legs sticking out from under the bed. He has been sleeping on the floor lately, and apparently managed to get himself over half way under his bed. I pulled him out by the ankles and held him as our collective blood pressure slowly lowered back to normal.

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DayPhoto said...

That is very scary!!! Poor baby.

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Its easy, just follow the challenge and on Sunday do a post and leave a comment at Sunday Stills under the challenge to let folks know you are up. The challenge for this coming sunday is potluck, so just take some interesting shots and on Sunday or Saturday night just post. We also do macro monday the same way but there are no challenges. Just go to Sunday Stills and see what others have done, its easy.

Have fun!!!!