Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Day for James

Do y'all know what day it is? It is 'Take Your Kid To Work' Day! James has been anxiously awaiting this day for a while now. When Jeff told him, James was very excited because he could 'go to work and provide for our family.' So sweet. So today, they are off. Jeff and I were quite amused this morning when he hopped out of bed, got dressed and came down....dressed in his red plaid shirt, well-worn overalls and cowboy boots. And a pair of my stripey socks, with the heals of the socks half way up his skinny little legs, because they are 'grown up socks.' Cute, but not exactly 'desk jockey' attire. He was happy to put on his new outfit, though, because he was 'matching' Daddy. (He kept the cowboy boots...his trademark after all.) So off they went, James with his bag of books to keep him entertained. Oh, and I sent him some change so that he can get a snack out of the snack machine. I don't even think he even knows what a snack machine is so he'll be very impressed. Yes, a machine that spits out the kind of snacks Mommy never buys sounds like it will make a little boy very excited!


Trish D said...

How fun! Unfortunately we can't do that with hubby's company, but I know D would have *LOVED* the privilege of helping provide for the family :)

DayPhoto said...

Blade loved going with Grandpa to work when Terry was still a lineforeman. I just know they will have a delightful time together.