Thursday, April 01, 2010

I've kind of been slacking lately in the blog department, which can be blamed on a variety of reasons such as malfunctioning internet, lack of time, lack of inspiration, and trying to work out during the kids naps. If anyone finds a way to get more time, especially of the nap-time-variety, I would appreciate it.

A few days ago, Rachel and Phil got back from Texas, after a loooong month away. Seriously, I don't know what I am going to do when they move. Sniff, sniff. Anyway, they came back from Texas bearing gifts for the kids. Tyler got a stuffed armadillo who we called 'Tex,' Katie got an adorable little rhinoceros comb and stinkin' cute purple leopard print cat-eye sunglasses (which totally match her personality!), and James got....drumroll, please....a cork gun!! You see, a long time ago they got one for Jeff. When James came of age, he adopted it as his own. He loved that thing. And then he broke it. Ever since, he has diligently been nagging his poor Uncle Phil about getting him a new one. After searching Texas high and low for another cork gun, we thought it wasn't going to happen. But alas! They found one, making James a very happy boy. He sleeps with it right next to his bed, and carries it with him a good deal of the day. Yesterday, he informed me that he was going to shoot the groundhog with it. I asked him if he had yet pondered the logistics of that. After getting the blank stare, I explained to him that since the trajectory of the cork lasts for roughly 6 inches, he would have to stand incredibly close to the beady-eyed, tomato-eating beast. That whole speech was lost on him, and he still thinks he is going to be able to do it. Good luck with that, James!

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