Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Escape Artists

Last night I was up with Tyler and heard the ducks quacking away. I wondered what they were doing, but was tired enough that I didn't really pay too much attention. After a minute or two, I could have sworn I heard a strange thunk noise, but I wasn't sure. Again, I heard the noise. After laying Tyler back down I went out to find Webby and Parker had escaped their box and were standing their innocently next to it looking at me. So, I had to rummage through the garage for a more suitable box at 4:45 am. Crazy ducks.

In other news, I failed one of the tests of parenthood yet again. The test where your kid says something that you really shouldn't laugh at, but you do. Rach and Phil were over and we were sitting in the living room. An (overweight) couple were walking past and James runs up to the window, and yells 'That guy's really fat!' 'James!' I said, and before I could say more he said 'He's so fat and big and.......SQUISHY!' It was the squishy part threw me over the edge. Of course it didn't help that Rach and Phil were laughing too. After stifling my laugh, I had to try and explain to a 4 year old that, yes, some people are heavy, but that you just don't point it out. I am glad that the window was closed, because I would have felt really bad if the poor guy had heard him.

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