Monday, April 12, 2010

A Few Orders of Business

  • Tyler is crawling in earnest! I have to put everything up all over again. He really can get around. I set him down, turn around and he is gone!
  • We planted strawberries this weekend. The kids are officially NOT ALLOWED in the garden anymore. They have a hard time understanding the concept of 'Don't step on the plants!'
  • Speaking of not being allowed in the garden, Katie and James were foraging for dandelions for me when they apparently decided that it would be extra special to enthusiastically pick the two beautiful stems of Texas Bleeding Heart that just bloomed in the side yard. We will be enjoying them in a vase now, and I hope they come back. Katie ripped hers out of the ground complete with partial roots, so we'll see.
  • The ducks are doing great! They have grown already and James enjoys finding grubs for them to eat. Katie likes to put leaves and sticks and anything they might like, or not, in their pen. I pray they survive her 'mothering' them. I think everyone thinks I am crazy for having them. Ha, ha, wait til I have chickens!
  • Rachel is helping me paint and reorganize my upstairs family room/craft area/laundry room. I can't wait to see it finished! And speaking of that, I'm off to tape off the trim. Enjoy the sunshine!

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Linda Dashiell said...

Sunshine? What Sunshine. We are still having winter. Rain, snow and it is cold! So, since you are having sunshine, maybe you could send some our way? It's Okay to share! LOL!