Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crazy Weather

Here are a few pictures from last week. It got up to 90 + degrees. Now it is back in the 50's and 60's. The weather was so warm we were able to break out the swimming pool! I like this backyard weather.

(Note the beginnings of my garden in the background....the rhubarb is growing good and my spinach is up too!) Unfortunately the nice weather has brought out the groundhog too. Yes, the groundhog. I believe he is the fourth one. Hopefully he falls for the strawberry I put in the trap and I can relocate him far enough away that he won't come back. I have heard they can be mean, and I know they eat whatever they want in my garden if they find a way through the fence. And although they are vegetarians, I don't know if it would go after my ducks. I am seriously tempted to put concrete or something under the shed! What is it that is so inviting to them??

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DayPhoto said...

There is a group of people in blog world that does a photography shoot on Sunday around a theme each week. This shoot out is called Sunday Stills and it is very fun to follow. You do such a good job of photography you should join the group. I have written Ed to see how to join when I get the information I will send it on to you.