Saturday, April 03, 2010

Always Fun

While my sister and bro-in-law are living off my parents (ha, ha :), we have made ourselves a Friday night tradition. They come over, Rach and I make something delicious for dinner and somehow it always ends up in an impromptu dance party. I do not know who has the best moves. Its a toss up between James and Uncle Phil. While the boys practice their booty-shakin' (and I use that term loosely), Katie usually talks Rachel into painting her 'toenails.' (Universal for toenails and fingernails) And really, there is no talking into. Katie asks and Auntie Rachel says OK!!! I even got little fingernail decals for her and they look so cute! Having a girl is so much fun. Tyler sat and smiled at everyone and just looked plain delicious. I think I can say that fun was had by all.

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