Monday, June 29, 2009

What a weekend (Wait...don't I say that every weekend lately?!)

In abbreviated form, here's the low down:

Had to pick carrots and beets early due to a mystery rodent breaking in to the garden. Later spotted mystery rodent frolicking in the grass. Identity: another blasted groundhog! This means WAR.

Jeff frosted his hair. And every other part of his body. All while painting at the house.

I am huge. See photo on left.

The stuff we had for the yard sale. Sold approximately 4% of it. Made a whopping $68.50 for all the effort. Had a 'lovely' customer who lingered forever smoking a cigarette and asking obnoxious questions and prancing around in her undersized tank top and too short shorts and lack of a certain necessary supportive undergarment. Here is a sampling from our time with her:

Lady: When was this book written?
Me: Uh, you're going to have to check the copyright date.

Lady: Oh, a scanner, where's the other one?
Me: Its a scanner, not a walkie talkie. It doesn't have an 'other one'
Lady: I know its a scanner, but where is the other one?
Me: We don't have it. (Why argue at this point?)

Lady: Do you have any small clothes?
Candi: Uh, lady, you're only fooling yourself! You are a size ten wishing you were a size four. (***She really didn't say this, but that was what we were both thinking! We may have exchanged a few eye-rolls while the lady was busy picking through our stuff***)

And after the whole ordeal, which apparently included her putting her cigarette in my lawn (good thing I missed that!), she spent a whopping 50 cents and then asked for bubble wrap.

And a few miscellaneous pictures from last week.

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