Thursday, June 18, 2009

Total Sweetness

Last night we had a wonderful surprise visit from my sister Rachel and bro-in-law Phil. As usual, it was full of hilarious conversation. When they first arrived, we had just put the kids to bed. James requested kisses from Auntie Rach and Uncle Phil, and they happily obliged. All the while, Katie was busy screaming at the top of her lungs in her crib. Normally, she doesn't cry at all when she goes to bed, but she was very tired, and was ticked off that she couldn't do something-or-other before bed. She wouldn't even let me rock her. So needless to say, she was madder than a hornet and screaming LOUDLY. After a long day of cranky kids, and also knowing that she was pretty much inconsolable, I was resigned to hearing her crying till she dropped off to sleep. Not that I wanted to hear her cry, but sometimes it seems there is nothing to be done. But try telling that to an Auntie and Uncle! It is very hard to listen to a baby scream, I know, and they couldn't take it. First, Rachel came and stood by the door. Katie must have sensed her there or something, because she stopped crying. After a few minutes, Phil came over and told Rachel she needed to just go sit down. Well, let me tell you! That was just a ploy to get Rach out of the way so he could stand by the door. After much shooshing and whispering, Katie was still not asleep but not crying either. I told Phil he had better just go in and rock her to sleep. Well, he jumped at that! We could hear him in there rocking her and humming and telling her stories. It was very sweet. She took the bait and let Uncle Phil rock her right to sleep! Phil told us afterward that he told her the story of Daniel Boon, but that he didn't know how accurate it was! :)

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Phillip and Rachel said...

Uncle Phil demands a slight retraction...he was actually tellin' stories about Davy Crockett.