Monday, June 08, 2009

This morning we needed to run to T@rget for a few things. James asked if he could buy a toy. I told him if he wanted to buy a toy he would have to get some money out of his piggy bank. Fortunately, he is oblivious to the whole scam that is toy manufacturing and is perfectly thrilled to pick something out of the dollar section. When I was counting out some change for him, he told me to get out enough to buy Katie a toy too. It was so sweet. I felt so proud of him. Then he asked me to pick out another dollar, because he wanted to buy me a toy too! That just about made me melt. I picked out a whopping three dollars and tax from the spare change he has garnered from Chappy, Grammy, the sidewalk, and courtesy of Daddy's desk drawer at work. When we got to T@rget I wasn't sure if he would change his mind, but he didn't. He picked out a three-pack of Squirt Guns for himself, and one for Katie. As I started to head for the other things I needed, James said 'Wait, Mommy! I want to buy you a toy too! I want to buy you that water bottle!' And he pointed out a water bottle he wanted for me. It was just too sweet. As we were heading to the counter, he told me 'Mommy, when the money-taker asks for my money I am just going to say no thanks.' I cringed, explaining to him that without paying we wouldn't be able to take our toys home. I said he would have to pay for the toys. He looked right at me and said 'No, Mommy, I will say 'No, thanks, I don't need a bag!' Duh. Every three year old I know would know to say that. Or not.

Totally changing the subject, tomorrow is Katie's appointment at CHOP. They'll do another x-ray and see how things are going. I have been praying for some sort of progress this time; it was so hard last time to hear that her hip hadn't really progressed at all since her previous appointment. I am also hoping for a release from the brace, but who knows. I have to keep pants on her when she wears it, even if its hot, because it is giving her a rash. We'll see. I will take any good news I can get!

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