Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Not Yet

Every phone conversation I have with my sister must now begin promptly with 'no, I am not in labor. So, the reason I was calling....'

Its getting down to the end, folks. I am also lacking anything remotely entertaining to blog about. Speaking of blogging, can you believe its been three years this month that I started this beast?! (Thanks to my friend Erin:) Who knew people would keep reading it past the first month? I didn't. The funny thing is that the people I thought would read it, don't. And then there are my parents and my sister. Not only to they get to hear the play-by-play over the phone, they also get to read about it on the blog! Thank you all, my trusty blog readers near and far. It just wouldn't be the same without ya!

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Schwartz's said...

I LOVE those conversations. Hey my phone is always on so have this baby before I leave so I can watch your kiddies and meet Cheepa.