Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Random Bits

1. I am getting huge. Cheepa needs a name already before he is born. Its getting close!
2. James told me today 'Mommy, its right in front of your nose!'
3. Katie says 'apple,' 'all done,' 'cheese,' and lots of other new words now. And she has such a cute little way of saying them.
4. Dad is making pulled pork for my b-day party on Saturday, and I know you probably don't give a rip, but I am getting excited!
5. I have only had to make 29 trips to the girls' room today. Just kidding. More like 28. That is the one thing I miss while being pregnant, my bladder.
6. We are putting the rental house on the market.
7. Ha! Threw that one in there, didn't I? I guess I am feeling a bit ornery tonight. We have decided that the good ol' rental house is going on the market. A combination of a declining rental market, a lot of stress, profit vs. loss analysis, etc., etc., has brought us to the point that we ready to get rid of it! We will be praying that it sells quickly, as we are going to be paying two mortgages til it does. As far as the lease we have/had lined up, we are still waiting to hear back from the guy. Ordinarily, I would assume we would never hear from them again, but this guy is just on his own time schedule, and he's one of those 'do you know who I am?' type of guys. I think he thinks we are at his beckon call and he can just start the lease whenever he darn well pleases. Anyway, when/if he calls, I think he will be very angry. But hey, he never came to sign the lease and we are not legally obligated to wait around for him to make up his mind. Now, if he would like to make an offer on the house that would be a different story. :)

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DayPhoto said...

43 days to go!!!!

I think you are wise about the rental. They are such a problem. Anyway, they are a problem I don't like, other people do but not me.