Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Progress Indoors and Out

Cleaning James' room out involved shoveling out massive piles of M@tchbox cars and random bits, while stepping on sharp little corners of plastic dinosaurs and blocks. James has a bit of a problem napping in his room; he gets distracted. While he is quiet as a mouse, he is really pulling out all his clothes, and toys and books and making a chaotic mess. His room reallllllllllly got out of hand. Candi, you can laugh. You've seen it. I was past caring for a while, because, well a) rental house, and b) why clean it up when it was going to happen all over again. But, I knew I had to act. This included sorting all the toys, stashing some in the closet and others in the yard sale pile. Its like lock-down now. No sharp objects, no shoelaces, and certainly no more plastic dinosaurs! I have been telling James as soon as his room was organized and clean, we would get Curi0us Ge0rge wall stickers for him. Although I am not a huge fan of the cluttered, I-live-inside-my-sticker-book look, it grew on me real fast when James saw it and jumped wildly on his bed squealing and saying 'I love my new room! Its so pretty!' and taking his stuffed animals around to see the Ge0rge stickers. It was worth the 9.99.

And outside the garden is doing fabulously! The beans are growing, my tomatoes are going wild (need to stake those buggers somehow, and fast!), peppers are coming along, and so is everything else. Check out how bushy those tomato plants are! I can't believe I started those puppies from seed! I can't wait to see how they all come out.


Cristi said...

Love the curious george stickers... and I almost forgot what those dressers look like... glad they are getting some use :)

DayPhoto said...

You have done a really nice job on the INSIDE and the Outside! How cool.