Monday, April 20, 2009

Its a Bird! Its a plane! Its....a foot?

I am officially at the really fun stage where Cheepa is big enough to really make some noise, figuratively anyway. When he kicks, I can feel him bumping up against the other side of me, and I can feel what I believe are his tiny little feet or knees pushing out on my stomach. I love to be able to put my hand on my belly and feel a firm little bump o' baby right there. Its pretty nifty. Nothing quite like feeling a human being kick you...from inside your own body. (And Erin, if you're reading this...its really not that weird! Its cool, I promise! :) To quote Jeff, its like 'there's an alien in there!' (Which he said the very first time he felt James kick)


mcwigginseses said...

Ewww. I'm totally grossed out and sort of amazed simultaneously.

Jeff and Meg said...

I knew you would be!