Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do Not Fear!

For those of you fans of the 'Running James Commentary,' here's a link to past James commentary. It was getting too long, and besides, I needed more room for the wonderful baby ticker Linda showed me!

In other news, still crazy on the rental front. The people we were hopeful about, well, not so hopeful now. Still working to clean it up. Its coming along. Paint does wonders. Floor to go in soon. We need renters!

And I just got back from a two hour visit to the pediatrician. Katie had a 104.4 degree fever. She has an ear infection and a 'croupy' cough. Poor thing.

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DayPhoto said...

91 days to go! Oh joy! My oldest daughter's 40th birthday is in 40 days this Saturday. My youngest is in 9 days. You help me remember all those great times long ago.