Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun times and one of my favorite pictures ever....

First off, a garden update. Here are my lovely and surprisingly robust seedlings. I say surprisingly because I have never really forayed into the world of seed starting before, and because I like the word robust! It makes me giggle. Anyway, they're lookin' good. Maybe its all those James 'tisses' and the incessant checking (by James and I).

We enjoyed a bit of fun and relaxation this weekend, amidst all the rental work we did. Rach and Phil came down Saturday and Sunday to celebrate Phil's birthday and Easter. The kids looked so good all gussied up on Sunday, but our quest for a family snapshot was foiled by an over-tired munchkin. Here are the only decent pictures of him we could get:

Katie looked just delicious, and I wish I had some fabulous pictures of her, but she likes to move around. (Rachel...where art thou pictures? Post them on thy blog, pronto!)

I have determined that Katie has a special little spot in her heart reserved just for Chappy. She likes to crawl into his lap and bring him random objects. It didn't hurt that Chappy was doling out jelly beans to her on Sunday.

And finally, check out this picture. Can it get any sweeter? After a fun afternoon with the fam, we went home for a little rest. Katie climbed right up onto Jeff, and fell asleep immediately. All together now....Awwww!

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