Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Every year, around this time, it is my ritual to take part in the eating of the Cadburry Creme Egg. I have always enjoyed them, despite the fact that the gooey high-fructose corn syrup-laced filling is tinted like a real egg. I always thought that was kind of weird. But they are always so good, and each year I buy a few just for myself. This year, I picked one up and ate it when I got to the car, eagerly anticipating the foil-wrapped goodness. But alas, I have discovered that the Cadburry Creme Egg and I are no longer meant to be. I am not a fan anymore. Shocking! And before you blame in on the pregnancy hormones, here's my theory. I have noticed that the better we eat, and the more homemade stuff we eat (which is just about everything), processed food just tastes nastier and nastier. Don't get me wrong! I love dessert just as much as the next girl, but I would just rather have a homemade brownie than a waxy-chocolate corn syrup filled egg. Its sad, but true. The egg has lost its allure.


DayPhoto said...

Funny I did that about three years ago. Now the egg tastes WAY too rich, WAY too gooey and next to nasty.


mcwigginseses said...

Isn't that gross? I feel the same way about twinkies now.

Jeff and Meg said...

What?! Something about the 126 year shelf life maybe? :) I don't like them either!