Saturday, April 04, 2009

Gasp! (Alternately Titled: Not About the Rental)

I can hear you all breathing a sigh of relief. No pictures of gross substances plastered to the wall today. No. Instead, I have to say that James apparently has a love interest. I was tucking him into bed last night and he said 'I miss Serena. She's nice. I love her.' Gasp! She is a cute little thing with curly blond hair, but hello! She is only 2! And James, you are only 3! Seriously, though, James is to the point now where he is starting to understand having friends, and playing with other kids. He often says he misses someone, most often the conglomerate 'NoahManda.' Just kind of threw me for a loop there when he professed his love for little Serena. Wait til her parents find out! Oh, the scandal!

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