Sunday, June 22, 2008


Like the title of my post? It's so profound I can hardly contain myself. So, yesterday we had a fun day. We spent a lot of yesterday outside. We played in the 'ba-yard,' one of James' most favorite places. He dug lots of dirt and scooped it into his dump truck. Jeff dug out a fence post and re-set it so we can actually close our gate. James 'helped' with that. We also walked down to see the 53rd annual Soap Box Derby car race going on. That was fun to watch. They close the road off near our house and hold the derby. We found a nice shady place right next to the finish line and watched the cars come down the hill. James' day would not be complete, however, without a visit to 'Dammy and Da-Paw's house,' and he got his wish. Overall it was a fun day, and I dare say relaxing, even though it was busy. It was just nice to have Jeff home without a load of homework to do!

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