Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Pig Lady Story: A Franch Tale

When Jeff worked at the farm, he had an interesting experience with a lady who ran a Pot Bellied Pig Refuge. Yes, I said Pot Bellied Pig Refuge. Weird, I know. To give you a little background, she loved potbellied pigs and took in all the poor abandoned porcine pets of the world. People get them as pets, not realizing how big they get, or the care that goes into a pig living inside. When they abandon them, she takes them in. Check out her website here. On a side note, the GJ news did a story on her once, and they showed the ‘work-out’ room for the pigs. There was dirty laundry laying around and hanging from the treadmill. So, there’s a little background. And to give you an even better idea of the ambiance, here's a picture straight from their website. Nothing says home-sweet-home quite like a mattress and comforter right in your own sty.

Now, here’s the story:

At the farm, there was a load of grain in the hopper that had gone moldy. To translate for you, no one wanted it. It couldn’t be used for feed for cows or horses. It was a loss. Somehow they found out the pig lady wanted it. She wanted the grain to feed the pigs. Pigs aren’t picky. They just eat. Even bacon. But I digress. Jeff and Charlie took the grain over to the lady’s house. It consisted of a trailer out on the edge of Mack, with various and sundry abandoned vehicles laying around and pigs wandering freely. They located the woman and asked her where they could dump the grain. She gestured toward the yard and said, ‘Oh, there’s fine.’ So, following her instructions, they dumped it right there in the middle of the driveway in front of the house. The best part of waking up, as we all know, is the smell of moldy grain wafting in your window. At one point during the drop off, some random hobo just crawled out of one of the abandon cars and commenced wandering around. It was all very bizarre. That was Jeff’s experience with this lady. So, it’s a wonder that anyone, including yours truly, ate at the cafĂ© run by none other than the pig lady herself. Since this post is getting rather long, I will post PART 2 of the Pig Lady Saga tomorrow. See you then!

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