Saturday, June 14, 2008

This Is Totally Random: Garden Edition

My garden is coming along nicely. Randomly, but nicely. This year, a combination of several things has caused my garden to be less than stellar in the orderly department. The heavy rains have helped to shift some of the seeds around. Time was also a factor, as I was trying to get everything in the ground before, say, Labor Day. And the factor that has most affected the randomness quotient of my garden: JAMES. I was/am excited to have him help, but 'help' is a relative term. If you have kids, you know what I mean. While planting, he managed to open and spread two packages of seeds. I am just not quite sure where he spread them. I have been very hesitant to pull many weeds because I am not quite sure what is what. I have discovered a thick little patch of basil amongst my Lima beans. I also found some nestled in the lettuce. I found cilantro poking up haphazardly here and there. I am just going with it. James loves to be able to say "I helpin' you, Mama!" The other hazard James poses to my garden is trampling the vegetation I have so carefully nurtured. I put a path down the middle of the garden and designated a spot just for him to dig. Do you think this has alleviated the problem? NO! Yesterday he walked right over my cute little lettuce patch. He just about trampled my little cilantro sprouts. He took out a couple sunflower seedlings. I finally had to deposit him on the other side of the fence. Despite the hazards of gardening, I think we will get a nice bunch of 'crops' out of it. I am excited to see how everything does, and plan for next years garden. Next year, maybe it'll be more orderly. And maybe not.

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