Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kinda Like Having a Dog

Katie is the stage where she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. Her toys, her feet, any kind of paper, shoes, etc. It's not like we give her all this stuff to chew on, especially the shoes, but she employs her fake crawling technique to get whatever she wants. By this I mean she pulls herself around with her arms, dragging her legs behind. She really doesn't have any interest in crawling. I think she just wants to walk. She does, though, manage to reach lots of little odds and ends to put in her mouth. Coinciding with her recent interest in solid foods, she scours the floor for little bits of anything she can eat. I know, it sounds gross. The other day James was eating something and kept dropping crumbs. After a while I noticed that Katie had positioned herself below him so as to be able to eat whatever fell her way. When Jeff and I noticed, Jeff said "Hey, at least she's having fun." You can so tell she's our second kid. Hey, maybe I won't have to sweep as often. Just kidding. The other culinary pastime that Katie has endeavored to accomplish is the tasting of various field greens. Grass, clover, weeds, you name it, she's tried it. This has led to a lot of fishing around in Katie's mouth to remove particles of grass that get stuck in her drooly jaws. I think now is the time to sweep the house for all the non-baby-friendly objects laying around. James' fondness for pennies will have to be reigned in. Time to use the piggy bank!

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