Monday, June 30, 2008

Welcome to Suburbia...

On Saturday I went to a few yard sales. It was a sunny morning, and as I was out I noticed a strange phenomena. The majority of people I saw that morning were walking along their merry way with bags of excrement dangling from their hands. It stuck me as funny that here in suburbia when you take your dog for a walk, you also have to take a bag or two with. When the dog does his duty, you have to do yours, and carry it home with you too. I am surely grateful that most people do this, because what fun would it be to take a walk on the green belt covered in scat. But it is kind of funny, seeing all these people out for a nice walk carrying a bag o' poo along with them. This is the primary reason I do not want a dog. I like dogs. But they poop. I have enough of that to take care of with the kids. I tell Jeff all the time, if he can find a dog that doesn't poop, I am all for it! So far, he hasn't come up with anything.

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