Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thanks? The Endearing Habits of James

James just woke up, brought me his diaper and said, "Hey Mama, you need this." Thanks? He has also started a new and endearing habit of saying "Wipe my eyes!" when he is crying. The only thing is, if you don't wipe his eyes quick enough, he will wipe them on the nearest possible object. My pants, the couch, the floor. He is getting such a grasp on words and its so fun. Yesterday he told me, "You need dive me tiss! I fin-ner hurts really bad!" The other day he was coughing and came to stand next to me with his back to me. He said "Mama, pat my back." He describes things in so much detail now. For example, he'll say "PPS Man (UPS) go down hill in front of our new house, Mama!" He also has a memory that I find unbelievable. About a month ago, we met one of our neighbors who has an antique firetruck in his garage. He let James sit in it. Last night James said "I dit sit in firetruck, sit in front seat, turn steering wheel in Doug's firetruck!" How does a two year old remember the guy's name? I barely remember that stuff. He also told me recently that when we were in the hospital to 'dit Tee,' he got an 'ime-out' for touching the sink. He said "Daddy tell me not touch sink. I touch sink, dit ime-out. I dit in trouble." Katie is 9 months old, for crying out loud! Anyway, this is what James has been up to. I figured I'd better write it down for posterity before I forget. Next thing you know he'll be going off to kindergarten and I will cry.

Oh, and Merry Jo....he said several times "Tell baby Jo her jam is yummy. Baby Jo bring us jam!" Needless to say it is gone, and it was yummy!

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