Friday, June 06, 2008

This is totally random, but....

I have come under considerable scrutiny by certain peoples who I will not mention by name for the ownership of this plate. I asked for it for my birthday, and I got my wish. So what it it's the size of a hubcap and looks like a Mexican belt buckle? I think its funky, and to quote Jeff, "Funkiness is next to godliness." Well, maybe he didn't say that.

Here are a few shots of the things growing in my garden! So far, my fence is keeping the pesky rabbits out. James is working on keeping the birds out for me. He says "Shoo, birds. Dit out Mommy's darden!" I am excited to hurry up and get to pickin'! However, I think that my lettuce is still a bit on the vertically challenged spectrum, so I am going to have to wait a while.

James told me this morning, "Dit your tamera, Mama. Take my pi-ture." So, I did, and he actually smiled. Aw!

Is there no end to the deliciousness?!?

In other news, which is not very interesting, Jeff is taking a summer Economics class. Summer class equals lots of homework. So, that's what he's been up to. In other news, I think I need to get a grip. I found myself reading half a headline on a rolled up newspaper in someone's driveway yesterday. Since we have been sans TV, I have no idea what's going on around this here planet. I was surprised to see the headline "...Concedes to Obama." As I stood there trying inconspicuously to read someone's paper, I realized I need to start checking Google news every now and then so I don't look like a colossal dork standing there trying to ascertain the status of the world by reading a newspaper rolled up in a plastic bag.

That's all for today, folks. I told you it would be random!

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