Monday, April 29, 2013

Yard To Table

Have you ever heard of 'Farm to Table' dinners? Its a trend to have fancy dinners right at a farm, that was grown/raised there. These things are sort of high-brow and the type of thing I imagine you see on the pages of Martha Stewart. I jokingly told a friend recently that I should have a Yard to Table party this summer. Of course, we decided that we should actually plan and execute (ha, ha!) the party...complete with chicken pot pies made with one of my older hens, and garden accoutrements. Hopefully my garden produces or we'll be eating onion grass and dandelions! Really, I am thinking it is going to be quite tasty: a chicken, fresh eggs, lots of veggies and who knows what else we'll conjure up...right in my elegant and classy back yard. If nothing else, it will be completely hilarious.


Terry and Linda said...

And all the stuff you canned and froze...don't forget!


Trish D said...

Maybe the groundhogs can even leave their love shack for a brief period to provide the evening's entertainment! ;)