Tuesday, April 09, 2013

More Easter Pictures

The news around this here blog seems to be always a day late, and a dollar short which is probably the reason that I have approximately 2.7 blog readers. Ha!! :) 

The kids playing with Auntie Rachel's quint set. My sister has/had what seems to be every single toy she ever had, carefully packed away in my parents' attic. Since they are moving, Rachel decided to bequeath some of her treasures to the kids. In return, I have been quietly making other things 'disappear' to keep the level of kid paraphernalia at a manageable level. They have played with the quint set a LOT!! It is 5 little bitty dolls, and an ice cream shop and convertible car...which turns into a recliner. Woo! They think that is just the berries. 

Katie's twirly swirly Easter dress. 

Complete with a heart cutout in the back. I will now be sewing these in my sleep, since I have made at least 5 in the last few weeks. 

Decorating Easter Eggs...fun! I was tempted to just hard boil our chicken eggs and call it a day, but that just wouldn't be any fun, so we bought 'store eggs' and dyed them.

What is the picture about?? I am not sure what is going on with Katie, but it's funny.

Working together

No surprise, but Katie stayed longer than the boys, carefully crafting her eggs.

+And Olive..my bro and sis-in-law's dog. She is a Bassador...Bassett + Lab. I love this picture because you can see her perfect ballet toes, which is fitting since Nikia is a ballerina.

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Terry and Linda said...

Those are very expensive dogs...they are called Bassadors! We have had two in the shelter...sad isn't it.