Thursday, April 18, 2013

The "Surprise"

Earlier this week, James asked me if he could pilfer two boards I had set aside for a project. (Incidentally, I pilfered the boards from someone's trash...are you proud, Mom?) At first, I told him no. I could tell he was really disappointed and I asked him what he wanted them for, thinking I could maybe find something else. He said he couldn't tell me what he was making, because it was a surprise. I figured that I was probably never going to get around to the project anyway, and told him he could have them. About 12 seconds later, he brought another board to me and asked me to cut it exactly where he had marked. Then he instructed me to use the cut length to measure off another section. At some point as he was passing out meticulous instructions, I looked up at him and questioned him as to what exactly he was building having me build. It was then that he admitted that the 'surprise' was that he was making me a raised garden bed frame, except that he needed my help to make it. Then he added, 'it's a great idea, isn't it!?' Yes, indeed it is. It was very sweet of him to think of it, and he had every detail planned out about how to measure, cut and assemble it. Now I have a nifty little frame to plant my lettuce in!


Terry and Linda said...

He takes after you, you know!


Shay said...

what a sweet kid :)