Friday, April 12, 2013

Oooh, The Mystery....

I just had to post this because, well, it's hilarious and very strange. Last night we went to bed as usual. We both slept soundly until the alarm went off. When I woke up, I realized there was an antler in our bed. An antler?!?! I have absolutely no idea how said antler got from the bookshelf into our bed, let alone snuggled in between us. One of us must have been sleep walking last night, and of course neither of us remember a thing. My money is on Jeff, since he has a history of getting up and doing odd things in his sleep. He thinks it was me, and the truth is...we'll never know. When James came in, we were talking about the difference in the way people count a 'rack' of antlers. In Colorado, if a buck has 5 points on each side, you say "I got a 5-pointer". Here in PA, they count both sides, so they would say they got a 10-pointer. Imagine our surprise the first time we heard someone shoot a 12-point buck! As James listened to our conversation, his wheels were turning. He said 'But our antlers aren't from a deer! They are from a rabbit!' It was pretty much awesome, because I realized then that he actually believed me when I told him the antler was from a Jackalope!

The antler I have is a little bitty 2 pointer, and when I found it I joked that it was from a Jackalope which is a mythical/imaginary/legendary creature of the west: the jack rabbit-antelope! I think the closest thing to it around here would be the Jersey Devil.  I had to set James straight, although it might have been amusing to keep that one going for a while. And here is a nifty little piece of trivia for you that I found while looking up antlers: shed antlers are best found in late winter, because if left on the ground for long, small animals feed on them for the calcium they contain. Very interested, as Grandma Heppner would say!

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Terry and Linda said...

Except the Jackalope is a friendly creature nothing like the Jersey Devil