Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finished!!!!!! Did I Mention I'm Done?!

I finally finished my painting. This is the sole product of my 10 week painting class. I blame it on painting all those tiny little stones. 

Note To Self: Photographing something behind glass is not advisable

Stones! Stones! More stinkin' stones!

I painted this from a local watercolor artist's painting of a local school house. Did that even make sense?? The schoolhouse has 8 sides to maximize daylight and keep students close to the wood stove in the center. And did I mention it was made out of a zillion little tiny stones? Actually, I had a harder time painting the sky and all the stupid bushes in the background. I feel some pent up hostility toward the shrubbery. 

You can see through the windows to the windows on the opposite side of the building, which was a bit of a pain and required a brush the size of a pencil lead. Now that I am done, I need to keep the momentum going. I just need to decide what to paint next.


Iluvyardsale said...

This looks wonderful and I know exactly were that school house is. I had always wanted to stop and look inside. Missing you and hope to see you soon -Jess

Terry and Linda said...

Please add a like button so I can push it!! You did an outstanding job! I wish I could paint!