Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Like a Squirrel

We met someone at Tyler Park yesterday for a playdate and there was a guy there with his granddaughter. He had brought a picnic lunch for the two of them, and Tyler decided to make himself right at home with them. His latest thing is to go up to everybody and declare 'My name is Tyler and I free!' as he holds up this three little fingers. He sat there at their picnic table, chattering away, but I could tell what he was eying up....the food. I went over to shoo him away before he asked, but it was too late. The grandpa said that he had plenty and didn't mind sharing, but I had to warn him. I told him that Tyler is like a squirrel, and if he fed him, he would stay around. Forever. And he would have, but I was able to coax him away after he mooched a few chips and some M&M's from them. Sheesh! You'ld think I never feed him or something. Earlier, when the little girl we were with had eaten her sandwich, she was going to throw the crusts to the birds. They got dropped, picked up again, and distributed amongst the kids to throw in the field. And as he was walking that way, I believe I saw Tyler lean over and take a bit of his bit of crust. Yep. He is a just like a squirrel.

In other news, James keeps calling Tyler a 'Scallion' which I think is a misinterpretation of the word 'Scallywag'. :)


Terry and Linda said...

Or a sully kitchen! HAHAH.

Your kids are darling!

258 ichStaid

Shay said...

Hm, maybe 'rapscallion'? That's a good word too lol. And it must be either a Tyler thing or a 3rd child thing, where they have no social boundaries & are shameless when looking for snacks.....