Monday, April 01, 2013


This Easter we had almost the whole family together for several days. The bad news is that everyone was up because my sister and her husband are moving to Texas. Please excuse me while I go have another cry. We did have a lot of fun while they were here. On Sunday, we all went to church together. It was the first time in who knows when that all three of us kids were in church with the 'rents. It was like a flashback, except there were spouses and kids thrown in and Dad wasn't preaching. I jokingly told Nate that I wasn't sitting next to him so he couldn't tie my dress to the chair. Back in the day, he tied  my dress to the chair, so when I stood up my dress ripped. Those pastor's kids are something else! ;) Rachel told me that she put  Phil in between us so I wouldn't put a nickle down her pants like I did in the old days. Sheesh! Like I would do that again! OK, maybe I would...if I had remembered. I am forgetting things in my advanced age. Alas, we tried to keep the shenanigans to a minimum, except for Phil who kept things entertaining. My mom is speaking at the next Women's Breakfast about 'Loving Difficult People.' I pointed it out, and told Phil she was basing her speech on him. He thought for a second, crossed out 'loving' and changed it to 'Raising Difficult People'. Childhood Church Shenanigans notwithstanding, I have no idea what he means by that!


Terry and Linda said...

You are a hoot!


Shay said...

haha, love this. And your mom was great this morning - I always feel like I learn so much from her.