Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bikes and My Crazy Kids

I took Katie and Tyler for a bike ride today. They wanted to go farther than we usually go, and by my estimate we went about 2.5 miles. I think they are worn out! As they rode, I observed Tyler trying to jump his bike, ride with no hands, ride with his feet out to the sides, and run full speed into and off of curbs. And he isn't even out of training wheels yet! I don't think it will be long, though. He has great balance and I am guessing those training wheels will be unnecessary very soon.

In other news, last night I was helping James with his homework. He had an assignment where he had to write interesting sentences using each of his spelling words. James had his funny pants on last night and he wrote the following sentence: I find my (blank) to be crazy. He looked at me with his big toothy grin and wrote 'Mom' in the blank. Oh, that boy! Another sentence was 'I only wash my hair once a year.' His final sentence was 'A firefly has a light on his butt' and he drew a picture to illustrate. He whipped out this little picture and declared wryly 'it's the best I can do'. Now, the kid knows how to draw. I don't have any problem recognizing the things he draws, but this firefly, well, it looked like a hot dog with wings. When I told him that, he dissolved into a fit of giggles so strong he was rolling around laughing, which made me dissolve into a fit of giggles and it was pretty awesome. This morning he declared his love for homework and said he was going to ask for extra homework to bring home. I'm hoping it isn't extra math homework!

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