Wednesday, September 07, 2011

One Day At A Time

James is still having trouble adjusting and has ended up 'hanging out' with the counselor every morning. He does seem to be improving a bit at a time, and I think he is (maybe...hopefully?) close to the turning point. Today was library day and he loved that. He also got to ride his bike to school today! He really liked that.

And a random but funny sidenote: last night we were watching Swiss Family Robinson and there was the part where the boa constrictor is wrapped around Fritz and trying to drown him. (Forgot about that part...) Tyler got scared and crawled into my lap. Katie, in her sweet voice, said 'Its OK, its just a snake, and he's just hanging around his neck.' I think she might have thought that they were just playing? Jeff and I were cracking up. Just a snake (that's 10 feet long!!!) and its just hanging around his neck (trying to kill him!!). Talk about understatement.


Terry and Linda said...

I wish I were as innocent as a child...they always see the good in things.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for thee update on James, will continue to pray!