Monday, September 12, 2011

The Big Guns

This is me.

This is my new rolling pin.

Any questions?

I know I should be posting birthday pictures, but that would require brain cells I don't feel like using today. Instead, I'll let you all admire the rolling pin my neighbor brought me. They called and asked if I wanted a big, heavy rolling pin. Sure, I thought. I love my french rolling pin, but it would be nice to have a heavier one for certain tasks. Well, when he showed up with this I about died. They weren't kidding! I should have known that it would be big, considering that he drives various vehicles that would probably fit into the monster truck category. However, I had no idea that rolling pins come large enough to require their own zip code. After busting out a pan of cinnamon rolls, I just might start carrying this bad boy with me whenever I go and lock up the chickens. Skunks, possums and groundhogs take warning. Mama's got a rolling pin and she knows how to use it!


Anonymous said...

You are amazing, I just read your blog to Doc and he and I have been roaring ever since. I too did not know that they make them that way, better hang on to that one, it might be worth some money in years to come, who know we may see you on Antiques Road Show (PBS) ever heard of it? We'll keep our eyes open, might find you and your pin there some day!. LOL

Linda said...

THAT IS ONE HUGE ROLLING PIN!!! HUGE! I have never seen one that big! What a hoot!


Dave, Krysten, Andrew, and Kira said...

love it :)