Thursday, September 01, 2011

Grange Fair and Second Day Update

A few weeks we went to the Grange Fair. Jeff and I are not really sure why it is associated with our township, which is pretty much non-agricultural, but I think they get more exhibitors from the other half of the county. Tyler had is picture taken by the newspaper guy, but it didn't make the paper. Oh, well, he was almost famous ;)

Hey, I could really get used to this thing!

Tyler loves animals. The other kids like them, but Tyler is particularly intrigued by them.

I told Jeff he could secure my eternal love by winning one of these for me, because nothing says I Love You more than a ginormous stuffed Rastafarian banana. He didn't even try to win one for me! Apparently my eternal love is not worth the trauma of living with a giant dread-locked fruit hanging in our living room. ha, ha!

This was a nice sheep. One tried to headbutt Tyler. He wasn't really phased. He just moved on to the next sheep.

Tyler and this cow got along famously. The cow seemed to like Tyler and Tyler didn't want to leave it.

Hi! Want to come home with me? I think I could convince my parents. Well, my mom anyway. Dad's going to be a tough sell.

Katie and her new friend

Kindergarten Update: James apparently saved up all his angst for today, because he had a rough day. Last night he couldn't sleep and this morning he kept saying he was 'nervous and frightened.' He is not afraid of his teacher, or the other kids, or the school in general. Its just that he doesn't want to 'be away' from me. He cried and didn't want to let go of me, and fortunately a teacher came up and took him from me. He couldn't settle down in class so he got to visit the guidance counselor who read him a book about being at a new school. His teacher said he did pretty good the rest of the day. I am sure after next week he'll be a lot more used to it and be able to be excited again.

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Terry and Linda said...

Would it work to spend the last part of school with the last 30 minutes. WOuld the school let you? I had to with Misty. I went to lunch and had lunch with her and then the last 30 minutes of school. I had to do it for a little while, gradually easing off so that by the end of the month she was fine.

She still remembers it.

She also works 1/2 day a week in kindergarten as Mother Help so each of her children know she is close.

Just some thoughts to maybe help you.