Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Like Having A Dog

The other day, the kids ate their lunch outside. They love having picnics when the weather is nice. I think it has something to do with me handing their food out the window...the novelty of it. Katie went and perched herself next to the chicken run to eat her bean burrito. I soon noticed all five chickens were standing at the fence looking very interested in the proceedings. I realized that Katie was feeding them beans through the fence. No wonder they were so excited, not unlike my brother's dog when he sees that Tyler has food!

Also the same day, Tyler mysteriously ended up with a chicken in his arms. Considering that the chickens were inside their run and the gate was still closed, I don't really know how he got it. I wouldn't be surprised if he scaled the fence, repelled down the other side and busted some ninja moves on that chicken. Surprisingly, he is the best (juvenile) chicken catcher around these parts. I think he does it only by sheer determination, because whenever the chickens hear him calling 'chicky, chicky, chicky, I want hold chicky!!!' they go running as fast as their fluffy little butts can go. Alas, they can't run fast enough for this crazy two year old!

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Terry and Linda said...

He is darling! I'll bet as time moves along, he will get a favorite chicken and she will enjoy being packed around. My daughter did when she was that age, and on top of that it was the rooster.